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Nacra snuffer system: Standard
Nacra kick up rudder system: Standard
Foam sandwich Vinylester construction: Standard
Ariba Glassfiber telescopic joystick: Standard
Adjustable trapeze system: Option
​1:8 mainsheet system: Standard

Nacra 570 Sport

Sailors work hard all week, at the weekend they want to sail!! Simple and fast !!The Nacra 570 Sport takes skeg hulls to another level. This boat is powerful and fast, she developed from the Nacra 570 with an extra large jib fitted down to the spinnaker pole hence more power lower down providing increased drive and less heeling moment. Jib and main are built of MNX and give the boat a modern appearance.Large buoyant hulls, made of the vinyl polyester sandwich foam, give the greatest strength for weight ratio and are made with care so you get a boat that will last many years. Masses of volume in front to the beams gives confidence when you are driving her hard, you just know she is well balanced and will behave herself !! Equipped with Harken gear throughout, silky smooth operation is now yours, with Cunningham downhaul, mainsheet blocks and traveller all controlling mainsail shape giving maximum power and so speed when needed.The 21 sq metre spinnaker yields the final performance addition to the 570 Sport. The spinnaker is held in a long streamlined bag alongside the spinnaker pole, and easily launched with a simple but effective system. Sailing skeg hulled catamarans downwind in the past has always been a problem, not any more!!   This boat is a joy !! She is fast, safe and will build your confidence quickly and take you into another world of sailing!! Sail her deep downwind, with helm and crew inboard or sail “hot” with crew on the wire and as the speed increases you will know that you are sailing a true Nacra thoroughbred.