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Nacra snuffer system: Option
Reef possibility: Standard
Nacra kick up rudder system: Standard
Foam sandwich Vinylester construction: Standard
Jib roller furler: Option
​Ariba Glassfiber telescopic joystick: Standard
​Adjustable trapeze system: Option
​1:8 mainsheet system: Standard

Nacra 570 School

There is always a place in every sailing school for the bigger catamarans that will carry three with ease and the tutor can take two beginners out knowing that the boat is big enough with wide open trampoline spaces for them all. Also large, strong, buoyant hulls will carry three without getting them too deep in the water and hence to wet and cold, not what beginners want or expect.The Nacra 570 School provides the perfect answer! As with all Nacra’s the 570 is superbly equipped, stiff hulls and beams gives a perfect platform, all gear is by Harken, one of the leaders in block production and design. A polypropylene mesh trampoline allows free draining and when well tensioned keeps the sailors well clear of the water. The hulls rely upon skeg construction meaning that there is no need for dagger boards, and so launching and recovery and sailing in shallow waters are handled with ease. The rudders simply kick up if they hit any obstruction and can be raised and locked up when parked on the beach. The main and jib are Dacron offering years of use and also the ability to reef the boomless main so the 570 can be sailed in a wide range of conditions, essential for sailing schools, where the boats have got to work teaching school clients and be on the water day after day. The performance of the 570 will thrill the students and offer them a real insight into catamaran sailing. Too many sailing schools use small catamarans, so the first impression many beginners get when they start sailing is that catamarans are small and wet!! The larger boats, when reefed are easier to sail, they handle the waves and swell better, they give a feeling of size and that gives the beginner confidence to return again and again.There is a place for the big Nacra 570 in your sailing school !!