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Nacra snuffer system Standard
Nacra kick up rudder system Standard
​Foam sandwich Vinylester construction Standard
Ariba Glassfiber telescopic joystick Standard
1:8 mainsheet system Standard
Boat length 5.00 m / 16.4 ft
​Boat width 2.44 m / 8 ft
Mast Length 8.23 m / 27 ft
Area mainsail 14.15 sqm / 152.3 sqft
Area Jib 3.71 sqm / 39.9 sqft
​Area Spi 17.00 sqm / 183 sqft

Nacra 500 Sport

The Nacra 500 Sport is the racing craft that many have been looking for years. The 500 Sport is differentiated from the 500 by a larger battened MNX jib where the tack fits right down to the spinnaker pole, giving more power lower down and so more drive and less heel. Sails are made by Performance Sails and built of MNX, fibre reinforced monofilm, a truly modern material. Sailing without dagger boards gives freedom when launching and recovering and also means that the simpler construction of the hulls saves weight in building this little rocket ship!!  Kick up rudders are simple to use and are one of the great features of all Nacra catamarans. Deep buoyant hulls are of the legendary quality sandwich construction. Fitted with four trapezes the Nacra 500 Sport is designed as a boat for fast recreational sailing and club racing, where for local reason dagger boards may not be suitable. The 17 sq metre spinnaker compliments this boat perfectly, that is not easy for designers, but the Nacra balance is perfect and enables you to drive her hard up and downwind. The nylon spinnaker packs away in a cloth chute with a glass fibre large entry easing the launching and recovery systems. All gear throughout is Harken, giving years of assured life and service.For years the Nacra 500 has proved to be the  “pocket rocket” now the 500 Sport is all of that and more, showing herself to be a “handicap robber” as well. She truly is faster than she should be !!