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The Nacra 460 is a tough, lightweight single-trapeze catamaran that was an evolution of the highly successful model 500.  Although the 460 has many of the high quality components of  her larger siblings.  The Nacra 460 has a hull shape that has been optimised for ease of sailing.  The keels have also been rounded of the make them easier to pull up on the sand at the end of an afternoon of sailing.

Boat length  -  4.5 Meters  / 14.9 feet  

Boat width -  2.35 Meters  /  7.7 feet

Mast Length - 7.77 Meters  /  25.5 feet

Area mainsail - 12.3 sq meters,   132.4 sq ft.

Area Jib -  2.88 sq meters,   31 sq. ft.

NACRA 460 - Fun, School and Sport