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Nacra snuffer system Option
Reef possibility Standard
Nacra kick up rudder system Standard
Foam sandwich Vinylester construction Standard
Jib roller furler Option
Ariba Glassfiber telescopic joystick Standard
1:6 mainsheet system Standard
The 460 School is the answer for sailing schools and designed just for that purpose, teaching sailors to handle their first catamaran. A “school boat” must be reliable, strong, simple and yet still give the “first time” sailor the feeling that it is a proper catamaran. School boats must also be safe, they must be adaptable to a wide range of conditions, they must have a long working life, and be able to go out when the breeze has picked up and also have sufficient sail power to manage successful in the lightest of breezes.The Nacra 460 School does all these things and more !! Hulls have the traditional buoyancy of all Nacra’s, rarely are these boats going to be sailed single handed and sailors don’t want them to be deep in the water which makes them wet and cold, not a way to start your sailing career.Main and jib by Performance Sails are of Dacron yielding years of life and true performance, the sail area is big enough to sail in the lightest of breezes and yet can be reefed down when the breeze get too strong for beginners.Mainsail is boomless adding another great advantage for beginners as they won’t have to keep too low in tacks and jibes.Skeg hulls, heavily reinforced on the lower sides give simplicity for the beginners, and Nacra kick-up rudders, mean that one simple hand movement lifts and lowers the rudders when launching and beaching.Like all other Nacra’s, all the working gear is by Harken, just demonstrating again the Nacra philosophy that quality counts for everything.

Nacra 460 School