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Nacra F18


The Nacra Infusion was designed in 2005 and launched in January 2006. Quite some time ago. 

In the years that we have been building and supplying the Nacra Infusion, together with our dealers and distributors we have been changing/upgrading this boat each year to keep it at the top of the composition.  

For 2011 we launched the MK2, which has been selling in big numbers all over the world to F18 teams and other sailing enthusiasts. Now we are entering 2014 an dthe infusion still stands strong.  It has won major regatta's this past year when the boat was sailed by the worlds best sailors, but Nacra Infusion is also recognized by amateurs as the boat to have when you want to improve and move up the results board.  A strong selling point of the particular Nacra is that it is simple to go fast against other boats. 

For 2014 we present the 2014 model.  Again with many improvements which allows sailors to improve once again.  Keeping with the same NACRA philosophy: Empowering Sailors since 1975. 

WE have made in total some of the biggest and most "bad ass" improvements to propel the Nacra Infusion even more into the future.  We hope these improvements will help move you to improved performance and results.