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New F18 Evolution Coming in Spring 2020

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Nacra North America catamarans

Nacra is celebrating its 40th Anniversary

Nacra North America beach catamarans   

Nacra North America

Nacra North America 

Nacra 15 – Pathway for youth sailing
Designed from scratch to the ISAF criteria to become the new official ISAF youth catamaran. The older catamarans in this program need replacement as the youth of the world wants to sail in a catamaran that can carry more crew weight and is a modern design than the current ones. The Nacra 15 resembles a lot to its bigger sister, the Olympic Nacra 17. In fact, the Nacra 15 is a mini version of the Olympic Nacra 17, creating a pathway towards the Olympics.

Taking catamaran sailing to a whole new level, the NACRA 20 Carbon has been proving itself all across the globe.  

ISAF announces NACRA 15 as Youth Pathway trainer 


Nacra 20 carbon


F18 infusion


Right out of the box, you have the best F18.  World wide race results prove it.