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Right out of the box, you have the best F18.  World wide race results prove it.


F18 infusion




Nacra 20 carbon


NAcra 17 olympic Mixed Multihull

Anyone can purchase a NACRA 17.

The NACRA 17 is used by weekend sailors and professional athletes.  

NACRA F18 Infusion 1st and 2rd at 2014 Eurocat 

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Nacra - Empowering sailors for 40 years Nacra North America 

Taking catamaran sailing to a whole new level, the NACRA 20 Carbon has been proving itself all across the globe.  

For 2014, changes have been made to increase boat speed and ease of handling in all conditions.  

2014 Eurocat F18 winners, Iker Martinez and Ferdinand van West.

Nacra dominates the F18 fleet of 53 boats at the 2014 Eurocat.   

Along with the Olympic 17 and the Nacra F16, NACRA continues to raise the bar higher and higher. 

As always, Nacra will keep pushing to empower sailors around the world. 

Nacra North America 

Nacra North America

Nacra North America catamarans

Nacra is celebrating its 40th Anniversary

Nacra North America beach catamarans   

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NACRA 20 FCS (Flight Control System) 

Designed in conjunction with the Design Team of Morelli & Melvin and fresh from their design experience with Team New Zealand and their America's Cup campaign.  Many of the lessons learned with Team New Zealand have been incorporated in the new Nacra 20 FCS design.